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Top Sites to Visit in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a one-of-a-kind city. It has it all: art, unique architecture and history, delicious cuisine and even sport! Every visitor to Barcelona is guaranteed to fall in love with the pearl of Catalonia. Follow Real Barcelona Tour’s guide of the top highlights and be sure to make the most out of your time in Barcelona.

Antoni Gaudi was perhaps the person who made the single most impact on Barcelona’s landscape after designing the imposing Roman temple of “Sagrada Familia” now one of the ten top attractions in the city. The highly respected Catalan architect, spent his life observing nature through his window due to a lingering illness which caused him to become housebound. This confinement is believed to have served to some extent as a great inspiration for all of his architectural projects. However, the Sagrada Familia is without doubt an incredible structure and full of symbolism, so we recommend visiting this site with a skip the line guided tour.

Real Barcelona Tours has a number of different options, whether you would like to visit the temple with a private guide or as part of a semi-private group, visit only the Sagrada Familia or combine your tour with other famous works of Gaudi, whether you are a family with children, a couple or a group of students. Of course, Gaudi’s work extends far beyond the Sagrada Familia. Barcelona also houses his Casa Batlò, Casa Milà , Park Guell and Palau Guell. Again most of these sites require skip the line entrance.  We definitely recommend booking a comprehensive guided tour to make the most out of your visit. You will find our memorable tours on

Barcelona is not just the city of Gaudi, but also of Joan Mirò. His museum, the Fundaciò of Joan Mirò is located on the slopes of Montjuc hill and houses an extensive collection of modern art, including a wide selection by Mirò himself, as he donated a large number of the exhibits.  This museum is well worth a visit, not least because of the large terrace from where you can enjoy an incredible view of Barcelona.

Amongst the great artists that have helped make Barcelona a unique city we must not forget Picasso! Although Picasso was from Malaga, he also lived in Barcelona for some time. The Picasso museum in Barcelona houses a collection of his early year’s works and can be found in the Borne district. It is renowned for its medieval buildings and typical local tapas bars.  Pleas note that the museum is closed on Mondays, and an entrance fee is required. Also, if you want to eat in the same restaurant where Picasso used to go, then head to the “Four Cats Restaurant“so-called because when Picasso was alive there were few clients and it was customary to say there were only “four cats” eating there! Today, however, the restaurant is often very busy and it is a must-visit for Picasso admirers.

From the Modern to the Medieval, the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona offers another view on this multifaceted city. It has numerous little alleys lined with local and artisan stores, giving the district a maze-like feel. Around every corner, you can find many hidden treasures and it is a great place to visit, especially for families with children. Realbarcelontours and their expert guides will really help to bring the past to life in this enchanting metropolitan. We also suggest that museum lovers visit the City History Museum called the Muhba. It will be like stepping into a time machine as you all take a captivating journey through two thousand years of history.

Of course, sports fans particularly the soccer crowd know Barcelona for its magnificent Camp Nou Stadium. Home to FC Barcelona, it is the largest stadium in Europe and has a mind-blowing seating capacity of approximately 100,000 people! Even if you’re not a sports fan it is still sufficiently impressive to make it well worth a visit. With RBT’s Overall Tour you will make a stop at Camp Nou to soak up its unique atmosphere and learn some fun facts and figures.

A definite must for kids (and the young at heart!) is the Magic Fountain. Constructed in 1929, free music, light and water shows are put on all year round. However, make sure that you check opening times as the fountain is closed from mid-January to mid-February.

If you’re visiting Barcelona for an extended break you may well want to get out to the surrounding areas, particularly as there is so much to see in the local vicinity. For a completely different experience to the chaotic, vibrant city, you should consider heading to Montserrat Mountain. Here you will enjoy an incredibly peaceful atmosphere and stunning views. Montserrat Mountain is also the site of Our Lady of Montserrat Benedictine Monastery. Find out why this Monastery is so important with one of RBT’s expert guides!

Those with an interest in surrealism should consider a visit to some of the main sites related to Dali’s work and life. In Figueras, you will find the Salvador Dali museum. From Barcelona you can also easily visit the charming little villages of Port Ligat (where you will see Dali’s home) and Cadaques (where he spent his childhood.) For visits to both Montserrat and Dali’s locations, you can take the hassle out of planning your sightseeing
and enhance your appreciation of the sites by choosing one of Realbarcelonatours’ day trips. They will arrange transportation, expert guides and tickets (where required) so all that remains for you is to sit back and enjoy!

Barcelona has a unique regional cuisine, which will also shed light on the place, its people and traditions. Spain is famous for its tapas, and in Barcelona you will discover Catalonia’s specific recipe for these delicious appetizers. There’s plenty of choice for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, as well as those with a sweet tooth! Why not have an expert food guide take you to the very best eateries and explain to you the traditions and recipes behind the food with a Realbarcelonatours’ Tapas Tour? Barcelona even has a remarkable chocolate museum, where there are displays of chocolate sculptures, many of which are renowned Barcelona buildings!

Realbarcelonatours will arrange for you a 2-hour chocolate-making class, where you will get to make chocolates to take home with you. This is a once-in-lifetime experience, especially interesting if you’re a self-confessed chocaholic!

The attractions listed above are just the tip of the iceberg! With so much to see, whatever your interests, you will be spoilt for choice in Barcelona! Contact Real Barcelona Tours today, to see how they can make your visit to Barcelona unforgettable!

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